02.09.2019 Zen Dharma Talk: Linda Galijan & Greg Fain

Shinchi Linda Galijan and Zenshin Greg Fain are ordained priests and teachers in the Soto Zen Buddhist lineage of Suzuki Roshi, founder of San Francisco Zen Center. They received dharma transmission in 2012 from Sojun Mel Weitsman, Suzuki Roshi’s disciple and Abbot of Berkeley Zen Center.
Greg and Linda are married and are resident teachers of SFZC.
Shinchi Linda Galijan, Ph.D., was ordained by Sojun Mel Weitsman in 2004. She has been a professional musician, a massage therapist, and a licensed clinical psychologist, and has practiced yoga for over 20 years. She is currently President of San Francisco Zen Center, after being Director of Tassajara Zen Mountain Center, the oldest and largest Zen training monastery outside of Asia, located in the mountains of Big Sur, California. For over eight years Rev. Zenshin Greg Fain served as Tanto (Head of Practice) at Tassajara Zen Mountain Center. Greg first began studying Zen at San Francisco Zen Center in 1975 and has been training closely with Sojun Mel Weitsman Roshi for over 20 years. He was ordained as a priest in 2002. In addition to his monastic practice at Tassajara, Greg has also served in San Francisco Zen Center’s City Center Temple for four years as Treasurer/CFO of Zen Center, among other positions, during which time he was engaged in Buddhist pastoral outreach and weekly leadership of the Zen Buddhist program at San Quentin State Prison.