The word Aikido consists of three ideograms :

合 – ai= Harmony, unification
気 – ki= Energy, power
道 – dō= Path, method

Aikido is a Japanese martial art, created during the early years of the 20th century, by Ueshiba Morihei (1883-1969). After World War II, Aikido became one of the most popular martial arts of the world under the leadership of the founder’s son, of Dosu Ueshiba Kisomarou the 2nd (1921-1999). Today, Dosu Oueshiba Moriterou the 3rd (born in  1951), grandson of the founder, is the one leading the Global Headquarters of Aikido.

It is an educational system that follows the training methods of traditional Japanese martial arts within the frame of modern society and emphasizes spiritual growth. Aikido is not a sport and therefore, there are not matches for it. It develops real power by forging both mind and body. The techniques are based on natural movements without undue stress on the body and therefore men, women, young and old can work on it.

Aikido is the martial art of love and harmony. Techniques are based on the integration with the movement of the attacker and redirecting the force of the attack. This requires very limited physical strength, as the momentum of the attacker is neutralized with standstills and throws.

The art of Aikido offers a complete system of self-defense and development of the physical and mental condition.

The Sensei

The Sensei at Tokaido Dojos is Petros Moulagiannis (5 Dan Aikikai).

P. Moulagiannis sensei began his martial arts career in 1989, at the age of 18, practicing at Shotokan Karate (1st Dan) until the day he met the art of Aikido, which immediately won him over with its philosophy, the harmonic kinesiology and the completeness of its techniques.

He started his Aikido training in 1996 at FukuShinKan Dojo under the teaching and close guidance of Sensei Giorgos Koliopoulos (6o Dan Aikikai).

In August 2000, he acquired the 1st Dan Aikikai, in June 2003 the 2nd Dan Aikikai, in January 2007 the 3rd Dan Aikikai, in December 2010 the 4th Dan Aikikai and in January 2017 the 5th Dan Aikikai.

For many years he taught Aikido at the Fukushinkan Dojo of sensei George Koliopoulos, as his assistant (initially as Fukushidoin and then as Shidoin). Meanwhile his restless spirit for seeking knowledge and his desire to deepen and broaden the approach and knowledge in the magical world of the art of Aikido, brought him to practice and train at the same time for many years at the dojo “Aikido of Athens” under the teachers Janet Clift Sensei (6 Dan Aikikai) and Eamonn Devlin Sensei (5 Dan Aikikai).

Throughout his practice in Aikido, he has attended and continues to attend, both in Greece and abroad (Italy, Germany, Norway, France, Switzerland), many high ranking teachers’ seminars, such as Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba, Shihan Tada, Kobayashi, Sugano, Asai, Yokota, Fujimoto, Fujita, Inaba, Miyamoto, Arai, Rokubota, Hatayama, Sugawara, Mori, Minegishi, Tissier, Smith, Jones, Brady, Hayward, Olsen, Waite and Sensei M. Erb Guillemin, B. Gonzalez, R. Martucci, R. Shirakawa, and others.

Since 2004 he has been practicing Iaido and currently holds the 4th Dan degree.