On Sunday 9.12, 11.00-13.00  Zen Center Athens, is holding a seminar  by the Hellenic Aikido Association with Petros Moulagiannis, sensei.

6.11.2018 Tuesday November 6th, Introduction to Zen and Zazen

On Tuesday 6th of November at 19:30 there will be an introduction class to Zen and  Zazen. After that  you can normally join the 40-minute seat until 21:00.
You do not have to register for the introductory class.
Your clothing should be comfortable and preferably dark-colored.
It is a good idea also to read the “Zazen Practice” leaflet at in the Zen section before you come. It contains detailed instruction for the seating procedure.

November-December ZEN DAY DATES

In order for you to better organize your schedule we are sending you the dates for the upcoming Zen Days.

Sunday 25 November 2018
Sunday 16 December 2018

You will receive an email before each Zen Day with the necessary information or in case of date changes.

30/11-5/12 Rohatsu sesshin at Zen Center

We are pleased to announce another Rohatsu sesshin at Zen Center in Athens from 30/11 to 5/12.

We will follow the Hosshinji monastery program which is attached below.

Those who decide to participate will arrive on the afternoon of Friday 30/11 and will be staying at the Zen Center zendo from Friday 30/11 until Wednesday 5/12 at noon.

Alternatively for those unable to participate in all five days, departure can take place on Monday night.

I would like to remind you that the sesshin takes place in silence, without mobiles, laptops, books, etc.

The sesshin is mainly recommended for those who already have experience in Zen and want to deepen it. We will not have Docusan, because only a Zen Master has the authority to do it. There will be an opportunity for Docusan at the sesshin in March with Koten Roshi.

The participation fee is 50 euros and covers the cost of meals for 5 days. Any further contribution is at your discretion.

Please let us know if you are interested in participating, and for us to better organize our meals,  inform us in time by email or contact me at 697 3228189.

Yours sincerely,

Konstantinos Sgoumpopoulos