Vanda Scaravelli inspired yoga

Sunday May 20th
10:30 – 13:30
Zen Center Athens
Limpona 2

Stay a beginner!
Learn and stay forever a beginner.
Because when you know, everything is over.
Stay a beginner and follow the bodys’ intelligence
that teaches you moment by moment.
Leave all recipes behind and continue to learn!

I’m more interested in how all the qualities enrich what I’m doing instead of how they help me do the position.”
Diane Long

What is this way of exercise?
It is a gradual release and linking of the limbs with the spine, the periphery with the center.
Power translates into freedom, gravity to lightness and space to breath.

Who is it for:

Teachers and students of yoga.
Those who are studying movement and release by standards that no longer serve.
Those who are in search of a more intelligent way of exercising.

Alexandra Sotiropoulou has been practicing yoga since 1996 and has been teaching since 2003. She has been studying with Diane Long since 2008 and has been encouraged by her to convey this particular way of practicing. Years of experience and practice bring her a little closer to understanding that “one thing i know, i know nothing”.
Intelligence derives from this understanding without negating the fact that systematic exercise also brings the desired results. Where we turn our attention to and therefore where we are headed makes all the difference.

Participation fee: 30 euros

Contact us for participation and information.

Alexandra Sotiropoulou & Thodoris Chiotis
Karaiskaki 16, Alimos 17455
Athens, Greece
+30 6938690884