ZEN DAY 13.01.2019

The first Zen Day for 2019 is on Sunday 13.01.2019 from 10:00-18:00.
The schedule includes 6 sittings, with Kinhin (walking meditation) in between, but note on the flyer that the discussion between the practitioners will be held at 13.00 before lunch .

Attached you will find the next and final chapters (3-13 & 3-14), of the 3rd book Shōbōgenzō-zuimonki as the topic of our discussion.
We kindly request that you arrive at the Center by 10:10 the latest. After Zazen has began and the Zendo door is closed, it will not be possible to enter until the next session begins.

The lunch break takes place at Zen Center and in silence. You may bring your own food.

Alternatively, we can organize lunch that includes rice with vegetables. You can let us know by email at: [email protected]

The cost for lunch is 5 €.

Proposed donation: 10€