Zen in Action

Zen Retreat with Bernd Bender
@ Zen Center Athens, May 10-12, 2019

“Zen in action….”

“An appropriate response“

In ancient China, Zen master Yunmen was asked: “What was the Buddha’s single teaching of a lifetime?“ His answer was: “An appropriate response.“

Zen teaches “just sitting“ — but eventually we have to get up from our meditation cushion and take action in our daily life. What is appropriate action in a world that more and more appears to be marked by self-centered interests, the creation of new borders, and an impending ecological catastrophe? Do we really still have time to sit and meditate, or is appropriate action to act immediately? And what would this look like, considering the complexity and uncertainty of most situations we face?
I say: Yes, we need to meditate, maybe now more than ever. We need to clarify our own mind, need to generate kindness and compassion — especially at times which seem to lack both. How can we do this?
Well, come to this weekend and let’s explore together.
—Kichu Chika, Bernd Bender

Bernd Bender has practiced Zen since 1987. He went to California in 1994 to continue his studies at San Francisco Zen Center. He received Dharma Transmission (authorization to teach) from Dairyu Michael Wenger and is a lineage holder of Soto-Zen. In 2012 he moved to Berlin, where he offers Zen practice, teaches courses in meditation and Buddhist thought, lectures, and accompanies people on their spiritual paths.
Several times a year he comes to Athens to support people in their Zen practice.
Bernd studied literature and philosophy in Frankfurt and Berkeley.

The retreat is open to everyone – no prior meditation experience or knowledge of Buddhist teachings is required. Bernd will speak English with Greek translation if necessary.

Friday 7-10 pm: Introduction to Zen Meditation (free)
Saturday & Sunday 11 am–6 pm:
Zazen (meditation), dharma talks and one-on-one meetings if wished for ( 40 € both days or 25 € / day)

Zen Center Athens, Limpona 2 & Vasilikis, 10560 Athens
Please register by sending an email to: [email protected]

Scholarships for reduced course fees are available from Zen Center Athens. In this case, please write or speak to us through our Facebook page.