On Wednesday, June 9th, an open lesson and introduction to the art of Aikido will be held at the dojo of the Zen Center Athens by sensei Petros Moulagiannis.
The event is aimed at all those who are interested in learning more about this “peaceful” Martial Art or a considering of starting the practice.
The open class is free but requires a reservation and proof of immunity from Covid-19.To reserve a place write to us at [email protected]
Aikido is an educational system that follows the teaching methods of traditional Japanese martial arts in the context of modern society and emphasizes on spiritual development. Aikido is not a sport and, therefore, has no organized games. It develops real power by forging the mind and body. His techniques are based on natural movements that do not put undue pressure on the body, and are therefore is suitable for all people, regardless of gender and age.
Aikido is the martial art of love and harmony. Its techniques are based on absorbing the attacker’s movement and redirecting the force of his attack. This requires very little physical strength, as the attacker’s momentum is neutralized by immobilization and throwing.