On Friday, June 11th, an open introduction class will be held at the dojo of Zen Center Athens, by sensei Spyros Drosoulakis. The event is aimed at anyone interested in learning more about the Martial Arts of the Japanese Sword or thinking about starting this practice.
The open course is free of charge but requires a reservation and proof of immunity from Covid-19.To reserve a place write to us at [email protected]
Iaido is a unique Japanese martial art, whose roots go back to the time of the samurai warriors. It maintains the spirit of Budo, which is the goal of our practice.
In Iaido the practitioner practices lightning swordsmanship and direct counterattack in conditions where he is threatened by one or more opponents, also armed with a sword.
Practicing Iaido is not limited to just learning martial arts or physical exercise. Through persistent practice, we forge the spirit, discover ourselves and our emotions, and improve our social behavior.