For the orderly operation of the Zen Center, its members, practitioners and visitors are requested to abide by the following rules

  1. For someone to register as a practitioner (with or without membership), a health certificate that verifies the practitioner’s physical ability to practice will be necessary. . Visitors are practicing in our space on their own responsibility.
  2. Members, practitioners and visitors ought to keep their mobile phones off during their stay in the premises of the Zen Center.
  3. Members, practitioners and visitors should enter the space shoeless. Shoes should be taken off and left in the entrance, in the designated storage space. It is allowed to use flip-flops in the dressing rooms and the WCs of the Center.
  4. Members, practitioners and visitors should greet with a bow during their entrance to and exit from the Zen Center.
  5. In entering the practice room (the tatami) and depending on the specific art been practiced, practitioners should greet the Shomen with a bow. The same applies when exiting the tatami space.
  6. When practice begins practitioners should be ready, with the required gear on.
  7. Before practice begins, practitioners may, on their own responsibility and if time permits, stretch and warm up, or ask the teacher or advanced students for advice regarding practice.
  8. At the beginning of eachpractice, the observance of the respective art is followed by all practitioners
  9. In case of late arrival, one should ask for permission from the Teacher before one can enter the room and participate in the practice.
  10. In case of a pre-existing injury that might affect the practice, the practitioner should notify the Teacher in advance.
  11. During practice, the practitioner should follow the Teacher’s instructions and should not converse with other practitioners. Maximum physical and mental effort is expected.
  12. Should any questions arise, practitioners should follow the suggestions made by each Teacher.
  13. Practitioners may not leave the room before the end of each practice, unless they have a serious reason for doing so. In that case, the Teacher should be properly informed and give his permission.
  14. After practice, students should leave the gear they have used back where they have found it.
  15. Practitioners should keep the space clean and, if asked to, should provide their help in cleaning and tidying up.
  16. The Center bares no responsibility for the loss of a practitioner’s (member or visitor) personal items. Before leaving the Zen Center, practitioners are asked to make sure that they have not left any of their personal belongings in the dressing rooms.
  17. Everyone coming to the Zen Center (members, practitioners, visitors) should speak in a soft and calm manner, unless their practice demands otherwise.
  18. Smoking is prohibited in all indoor and outdoor spaces of the Zen Center.
  19. It is suggested that the practitioners should not consume food two hours before practice.
  20. The tuition payment should be administered by the practitioners within the first week of every month, in the case of monthly payments, and before the practice begins, in the case of drop-in payments.
  21. The regular members of the Zen Center are obliged to a “minimum membership fee” of 20 euros per year. The minimum membership fee is to be submitted during the first fifteen days of January.
  22. Following all the seminars and the special educational events is seen as particularly beneficial.
  23. Patience and persistence are regarded as substantial virtues for achieving the desired outcome.
  24. All the terms and conditions of this code of conduct are considered substantial. In case of non compliance, the Center has the right to terminate a practitioner’s membership and practice.